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Offshore & Harbor Worker Injuries

Seaman, Oil Rig and Shore Worker Accidents on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

If you were injured on an oil platform, on a vessel serving offshore rigs, or in a longshore  job, you may not be limited by workers’ compensation laws.

Instead, seamen have special rights when injured in the scope of employment. You may be entitled to broader benefits and legal remedies than land-based workers.

Full Compensation for Maritime Injuries

The Holleman Law Firm will explain and assert your rights if you were seriously injured at sea, at port, on an oil rig, or traveling in between. Call our Gulfport office at Phone: (228) 868-0064Fax: (228) 868-0925 for a free consultation.

Maritime Accident and Longshoreman Injuries

Experienced attorney Mike Holleman has represented clients in the oil and gas, shipyard and shipping industries for many years. He handles cases in Gulfport, Biloxi and all along the Gulf Coast, including longshore and harbor worker injuries and offshore accidents in the Gulf of Mexico:

  • Oil platform and mobile drilling rigs
  • Vessels supporting oilfield operations
  • Barges and cargo ships

Whether you or your family member were injured or killed in a fall from heights, fall overboard, slip and fall, machinery accident, cargo accident, diving injury, collision or capsizing at sea, fire and explosion, toxic exposure or other negligent cause, we are prepared to fight as hard for you as we would for are own. . When clients have suffered head injury, back injury, amputation, burns and other permanent injuries that ended their careers, or the death of a husband, mother, brother, sister or child, we fight for the total compensation to take care of them and their families for the long term.

Learn Your Rights

Mr. Holleman’s extensive knowledge of maritime law, personal injury law and jurisdiction of claims enables him to pursue all your remedies under:

The Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation Act — The LHWCA is a federal law covering land-based workers in maritime operations, such as cargo handlers and those who service vessels. It entitles injured employees to medical and wage benefits similar to workers’ compensation.

The Jones Act — Under this federal law, those who work at sea in service of a vessel, including many offshore drilling jobs, are entitled tomaintenance and cure (lost wages and free medical coverage). In addition, seamen can sue the ship owner for damages for injuries resulting from:

  • Negligence of the captain or crew mates
  • Unseaworthiness (unsafe conditions aboard ship contributing to injury)

Mississippi workers’ compensation — If applicable, maritime workers are entitled to medical care, lost wages and permanent disability or disfigurement benefits.

Product liability — If you were injured by defective machinery or equipment (or defects of the vessel), there may be cause for a separate lawsuit against those manufacturers. Mike Holleman has won substantial awards for clients in defective product litigation.

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Mike Holleman is a caring and committed lawyer who takes care of his clients. He is diligent and aggressive in investigating accidents, exploring all claims and taking cases to trial if necessary. Contact him today for a free case evaluation.


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