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Actual Cases

Truck & Tractor-Trailer Accidents

Fiery collision on the interstate. Tractor-trailer transport truck barrels into another stopped in stalled traffic on the interstate.

Firemen look at the remains of burned tractor (not visible) and trailer.

Firemen look at the remains of burned tractor (not visible) and trailer.

Exhausted fireman sits atop the burned-out tractor rig.

Exhausted fireman sits atop the burned-out tractor rig.

After the driver of a tractor-trailer transport truck came to a stop behind stalled traffic on the interstate, the driver of the tractor-trailer behind him failed to stop or even slow, driving into the client’s rig at highway speed. Both tractor-trailers erupted in flames and both drivers were trapped in their tractor cabs. Unfortunately, the driver that caused the collision died as his tractor cab was engulfed in flames.

By-standers broke the windows of the client’s tractor cab and assisted him to safety. Thankfully, client was injured, but not burned. Suit was filed, and the case was settled for a confidential sum, just before trial.

Motorcycle Accident

Low-speed, broadside collision with van, causing severe bilateral wrist injuries.

Low-speed, broadside collision with van, causing severe bilateral wrist injuries.

A serviceman was driving his motorcycle in traffic at a slow speed. As he passed a lane of a stopped vehicle waiting for a light, a van shot through an opening between two stopped vehicles directly into his path. His motorcycle hit the van broadside.

The impact forced his hands, which were gripping the handles, back resulting in scapholunate ligament tear to the right and left wrists. The client had multiple surgeries. We were ready for trial, when the defendant settled the case for a confidential, but fair sum.

Car Accident

Truck and vehicle collided head-on on dangerous highway. Head-on collision, client had no memory of what happened

Truck and vehicle collided head-on on dangerous highway. Head-on collision, client had no memory of what happened

A young, Gulf War veteran was driving home on a two-lane highway. His vehicle collided head-on with a truck coming the other way. The young man was severely injured and had to be airlifted from the scene by helicopter to USA in Mobile, where he stayed for 40 days and had multiple surgeries.

The client had no memory of the accident and could not give an account of what happened. The driver of the truck claimed that the client had crossed into his lane of travel, causing the collision. There were no other witnesses.

Our accident reconstructionist examined the damage to both vehicles and the road surface, and obtained the data obtained from the truck’s “black box.” We were able to reconstruct what happened and establish that the collision did not happen as the defendant described and it, in fact, occurred in our client’s lane of travel. The case was settled for a confidential, but substantial sum.

Another big law firm had rejected this case after its initial investigation. In serious motor vehicle accidents with serious injuries, it is critical that counsel be retained, and an accident scene investigation be conducted immediately before the evidence is altered or disappears.

Product Liability & Medical Malpractice

Man on operating table getting put to sleep

Product liability and medical malpractice case: Nitrous gas and oxygen lines crossed in operating room lead to coma and death of a young wife and mother.

A young wife and mother of two underwent minor surgery in a local hospital. She left the operating room in a coma and eventually died after being taken off life support.

The investigation revealed that someone (still unknown) had cross-connected the nitrous and oxygen lines in the operating room. When the anesthesiologist gave the patient what he thought was 100% oxygen, he in fact gave her 100% nitrous oxide gas. She became comatose and died weeks later when her life support was removed.

The case was filed against the hospital, anesthesiologist, and the manufacturer of the hose quick-connect system. The case settled for a seven-figure sum. Importantly, the lawsuit led the manufacturer to modify the quick-connect system to prevent interchange of the nitrous oxide and oxygen lines.

Product liability and medical malpractice case: Toddler strangled in a hospital bed.

A pediatric hospital bed with a butterfly fold-away clear top caused the death of a nearly two-year-old toddler in a military hospital. The top was intended to be lowered before the side rails were raised. Tabs on the top were supposed to secure the top inside the raised siderails. However, if a toddler standing in the bed put enough weight on the siderails, the tabs would disengage. Or if the top were lowered after the siderails were raised, the tabs would remain outside the rails.

The unsecured top allowed this toddler to get his head between the siderail and top, entrapping his head and neck (like a “Chinese finger lock”). The harder the child attempted to pull his neck and head free, the tighter the top and rail squeezed his neck and cut off his air supply. The child could not free himself and died from strangulation

The expert evidence developed in this case led to the redesign and eventual removal of the hospital bed from the market.

While no amount of money can address the loss of a child, the parents were paid a substantial settlement. Importantly, they had the knowledge that their child’s death led to changes in the design of the hospital bed that would save lives.

Medical Malpractice

Acid spilled on client’s face

Nurse Practitioner Medical Malpractice Case: Acid spilled on client’s face

The client went in for an irritated, red eye. He was to receive some drops of medicine in the affected eye. Instead of grabbing the bottle containing the medicine, the NP accidentally grabbed a bottle of trichloroacetic acid. As the NP opened the bottle over the client’s eye, she realized her mistake. Startled, she tried to quickly move the bottle away from the client’s eye, causing the acid to spill from the bottle. This acid spilled into the client’s eye and down his face and neck, causing acid burns and some scaring. The scaring eventually improved but was noticeable. The case was settled for a fair, but confidential sum.

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