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Drug Crimes Attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi

Facing Drug Charges in Southern Mississippi?

Drug cases are often over-charged — especially possession charged as intent to distribute. And many drug crimes carry mandatory minimum prison sentences. Once prosecutors bring charges, they don’t like to back down without something in return.

Holleman Law Firm, PLLC in Gulfport, Mississippi, gives you a fighting chance to beat drug charges altogether, shave years off the sentence or negotiate alternatives to prison. Mike Holleman brings years of trial experience in state and federal courts to bear on every case, and you would be hard-pressed to find a criminal defense lawyer more personally committed to your cause.

Aggressive Representation for Felony Drug Charges

We represent persons arrested for drug offenses in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, from Pascagoula to the Louisiana border, and all the way to Hattiesburg and Jackson. Contact us immediately.

Accused of a Drug Crime?

Possession, Trafficking & Related Crimes

Trial lawyer Mike Holleman has defended clients in every scenario, often for multiple charges:

  • Felony drug possession (cocaine, meth, heroin, etc.)

  • Prescription drug fraud or possession

  • Intent to distribute or drug transactions

  • Transportation and importation

  • Manufacture (meth lab, marijuana grow house, precursor chemicals)

  • Drug trafficking, conspiracy and money laundering

  • Drug-related gun crimes and weapons violations

  • Drug-related homicides

Just because you are caught with drugs or cash does NOT mean prosecutors have a slam-dunk case. Mr. Holleman is skilled at showing prosecutors the holes in their case — search and seizure issues, unreliable informants, over-reaching charges, lab errors. He has obtained dismissals, reduced charges, or exclusion of key evidence, and from the start develops strategies for a trial. He can also aggressively pursue favorable results at sentencing to minimize penalties.

Not from Mississippi?

Interstate I-10 and Highway 90 are well known to law enforcement as drug distribution corridors between Texas and Florida. Patrolling cops routinely profile Hispanics and rental cars, or pull people over for minor traffic infractions in hopes of “hitting the jackpot.” We have represented many alleged drug runners from out of state who need representation in the Gulfport and Biloxi area.

Arrested or Under Investigation? Talk to Our Attorney First.

Mike Holleman will personally meet with you and guide you through this frightening and stressful process. Call him today for the strong legal advocacy you will need to avoid the worst.