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Fraud & White Collar Crimes Attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi

Is There a Target on Your Back?

If you have been charged with or suspected of a white collar crime, you already know that a prison term and your future are on the line. You might not know who to trust, or how to respond.

Before you give any statements — to protest your innocence or to cooperate with investigators — you need to consult an attorney who has been down this road before with clients. Your self-efforts to free yourself without an attorney may be the very thing that ruins your life. Attorney Mike Holleman has defended many people accused of fraud, embezzlement, financial or other crimes.

Experience Has Never Mattered More

Holleman Law Firm, PLLC provides proven criminal defense for white collar crime accusations. He represents clients of Gulfport, Biloxi and the Mississippi Gulf Coast and up to Hattiesburg and beyond. Contact us today to discuss your rights and how we can help.

Worried About an Accusation?

Wide Experience in White Collar Crime

We have defended in cases involving millions of dollars or respected public figures, and handle all financial crimes in state and federal courts of Mississippi:

  • Embezzlement and misappropriation

  • Mortgage fraud and bank fraud

  • Health insurance and Medicare fraud

  • Extortion, bribery and corruption charges

  • Wire fraud, mail fraud and conspiracy

  • Credit card fraud and identity theft

  • Money laundering

  • Obstruction of justice and perjury

Veteran Representation in Your Fight for Freedom

Mike Holleman trained under the best: his father, a preeminent criminal defense trial lawyer. He worked on high-profile cases involving public officials.

Preparing a defense strategy requires an understanding of all the moving parts of the justice system. Our goal is to take the bulls-eye off our client’s back. Mr. Holleman prepares from day one for trial, but he always keeps the lines of communication open with prosecutors to give clients favorable options when the evidence is strong.

We understand what’s at stake and how stressful it is to be the focus of a fraud investigation. Call Mr. Holleman today to arrange a confidential consultation.