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Divorce & Property Division Attorney in Gulfport, Mississippi

Thinking Through the Difficult Decisions

In the turmoil and intense feelings of a broken marriage, it is easy to lose sight of the long-term implications. It is important to work with someone who can help you understand how your decisions today will affect your life after the divorce.

Holleman Law Firm, PLLC tailors solutions to your unique circumstances, protecting your interests without fanning the flames or setting you up for future conflicts. Our goal is a fair and practical agreement on the division of marital assets and the custody and care of children.

Unbiased Legal Counsel

With VALUABLE experience in family law, Mike Holleman can provide objective legal advice to craft resolutions, as well as strong representation when courtroom proceedings cannot be avoided. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Two paths to divorce in Mississippi:

  • Irreconcilable differences — If you have decided to part ways and agree on all issues of property, financial support and child custody, you can be divorced after a 60-day waiting period. Even in uncontested divorces, legal counsel is crucial to fully protect your interests — don’t sacrifice your future in your haste to get divorced!

  • Fault-based (contested) divorce — Either spouse can file on grounds such as adultery, alcohol or drug addiction, desertion, or cruel and inhuman treatment. These proceedings can get nasty and costly, and in our experience, dwelling on past behavior clouds the important legal and financial issues that will truly matter as you move on with your lives.

Start a New Chapter

Solutions in Divorce & Property Division

Mike Holleman steers you toward a property settlement agreement that is not only fair, but practical and sensible in the long run:

  • Will one spouse stay in the house, or should you sell?

  • What is the accurate value of a spouse’s small business?

  • How are pensions and retirement accounts divided?

  • Will there be alimony?

  • Are assets in one person’s name separately owned or subject to division?

  • How will you divide up your joint debts?

  • Who gets the cars, furnishings, pets and other property?

  • Are you focused on sentimental things instead of the Big Picture?

Make Informed Decisions

Our experience from hundreds of divorces helps clients find a creative agreement that answers all these complex questions. Our attorney represents men or women in Gulfport, Biloxi and throughout the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Call for a free, confidential consultation.